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Clean Vessel Act Grants Help Marinas Keep Waters Clean and Healthy

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acting Director Rowan Gould announced on May 7, 2010, $12.8 million will be awarded to 31 states under the Clean Vessel Act grant program in 2010. The grants will be used to fund the construction and installation of sewage pumpout facilities and floating restrooms, to purchase pumpout boats and to provide educational programs for recreational boaters, as they have been since the program's inception in the early 1990s.

"Clean Vessel Act funding supports the construction of facilities in communities that depend largely on recreational boating for their economy - and depend on clean water for their health and the health of their environment," said Gould. "In a time of economic uncertainty, these grants also provide an immediate investment in construction jobs and infrastructure that provide lasting value for recreational boaters, state agencies, and local communities."

To date, the program - administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - has awarded more than $172 million to states to install thousands of sewage pumpout stations. In addition, many states now rely upon mobile sewage pumpout boats to make the sewage collection process more efficient and convenient for boaters. A number of states also have begun installing floating restrooms and pumpout stations in high use areas of lakes and coastal waters.

Funding for the CVAprogram comes from the Sport Fishing and Boating Trust Fund, formerly known as the Aquatic

Resources Trust Fund, which is supported by excise taxes levied on certain fishing and boating equipment and boat fuels.

Some of the major grant program awards made today include the following:

Indiana: $189,345 - The Indiana Department of Environmental Management plans to increase the number of pumpout stations at a number of marinas and increase awareness of the Clean Vessel Act. The Department will also encourage marinas to increase public awareness about the importance of boaters adhering to acceptable sewage disposal.

Wisconsin: $105,000 - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will provide financial assistance awards for the construction or replacement of sanitary pumpout and waste reception facilities along coastal waters of Wisconsin. Wisconsin will continue educational efforts to improve pumpout and waste reception facility use by improving communications with marina operators.

The complete list of all 31 states receiving grants and their programs is online at: Subpages/GrantPrograms/CVA/ CVA2010Funding.pdf