Visually Engaging, Easy-to- Understand Book Sets New Standard in Sailing Education

american sailing book The American Sailing Association (ASA) has announced the release of its latest book, Sailing Made Easy, a highly visual, easy-to-read teaching tool for would-be sailors with little or no prior exposure to the sport. Sailing Made Easy will serve as the new official textbook for the ASA's Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard course, ASA 101.

Setting a new standard for sailing education materials, Sailing Made Easy was written by a team of expert sailing instructors with more than 150 years of combined sailing experience. It was coedited by Peter Isler, world famous America's Cup winning navigator and commentator, and Jeremy McGeary, a 30-year veteran sailing writer and editor. The text closely mirrors the customary sequence in which beginning students are introduced to the theory of sailing, the boat in which they will learn, and the skills they will acquire.

"With its high-quality, detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand sailing lexicon, we expect Sailing Made Easy to help more people discover the joys of sailing," said Charlie Nobles, executive director of the ASA. "As the leading authority on U.S. sailing instruction, we believe that this is the source book for anyone who is serious about this exciting sport and lifestyle."

Published in full color and containing world-class sailing photography from photojournalist Bob Grieser, Sailing Made Easy is both a valuable reference book and an attractive "coffee table" read. Other features include a water-resistant cover, an easy-to-follow layout of two-page "spreads" throughout the book that allows for each topic to be covered in entirety without page-flipping, and an extensive glossary of sailing terms in the back. The basic sailing guide also provides Web references to address key sailing issues, such as federal and state boating regulations, as well as sources of weather information.

Sailing Made Easy is the first of two books to replace a single book in use since 1984 for instruction in two different course levels, ASA 101 and 103. With the new book, the ASA will offer one text for each of its seven primary levels of student certification. Updated content reflects advances in sailboat engineering and sailing techniques over nearly three decades.

Sailing Made Easy is currently available for purchase on the ASA Web site ( or by calling the association at 310-822-7171. It will also soon be sold in retail book stores and marine stores. The retail price is $24.95, with discounts given to ASA members, instructors and schools. The new book corresponding to ASA 103, Cruising Made Easy, will be released in the fourth quarter of 2010.

About the American Sailing Association (ASA)

Driven by a clear need for uniform teaching standards and increased access to sailing activities, the American Sailing Association (ASA) has been the leader in U.S. sailing education for nearly three decades. The association has grown to include an international network of more than 300 professionally accredited sailing schools. More than 293,000 students have learned to sail through ASA schools and clubs since 1983. The ASA has strategic partnerships with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and was instrumental in establishing national education standards through its work on the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators' Education Committee. The ASA has also consulted with the Department of Transportation and the National Parks Service.

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