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Boat Smart Chronicles
By Tom Rau


It took Coast Guardman Tom Rau more than 20 years to compile the Boat Smart Chronicles both as a boating safety columnist and as a Coast Guard rescue responder. This dual effort has resulted in a one-of-a kind boating safety guide. Tom is absolutely convinced that whom ever shall read the Chronicles will be a far safer boater whether an old salt or novice boater.

Boat Smart Chronicles is published by Seawarthy Publications and is available for $19.95.

Tom Rau is a long-time Coast Guard rescue responder and syndicated boating safety columnist.

Look for his book, Boat Smart Chronicles, a shocking expose on recreational boating ó reads like a great shipís log spanning over two decades. Itís available to order at:,,, or through local bookstores.

Tricks of the Trades
By Bruce Van Sant

Van Sant answers questions of health, thieves, con artists, corrupt officials, equipment, brokers, outfitters and more. You find sound counsel for single handers, and unique tips on how to find and outfit a boat for your trade winds cruise.

In his fourth decade of living and cruising foreign, Van Sant has amassed stratagems for sailors cruising abroad for the first time. Not how to survive, but how to live well while cruising safely and comfortably. In short, Tricks for successfully cruising the islands of the trade winds.

Tricks of the Trades presents a lively documentary from Van Santís 45 years of sailing and seven years of trawlering. It gives graphic and detailed accounts of natural effects you can use to cheat the ceaseless winds and wild seas of their power to deny you safe and comfortable passage through the islands of the trades of any ocean.

Tricks of the Trades is available for $14.95.

Letters from The Sea
By Deborah Shapiro


Letters to children who have never been sailing written aboard the sailing yacht Northern Light during an 8,000 mile ocean voyage. The author describes life aboard a small sailboat in mid-ocean, close to birds, dolphins and sea life of all kinds.

Letters from the Sea is published by Paradise Cay Publications and is available for $19.99.

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