Learning to Sail Becomes Easier

Sunsail Sailing Vacations has created and launched a nationwide school network designed to stimulate the sailing industry by making learning to sail easier for potential sailors. Sunsail’s Sailing School Network matches potential sailors with quality-assured sailing schools. The network is designed to give new sailors confidence in the schools affiliated with the program and provide an efficient means of contacting schools. In addition, the sailing school network will support affiliated sailing schools in recruiting potential students.

Sunsail’s Sailing School Network consists of recognized schools that offer sailing lessons and certification. After evaluating applicants, Sunsail accepted 16 sailing schools and plans to increase the network to consist of 25 affiliate schools. The Network’s schools currently cover both coastlines, across 11 states. This nationwide coverage offers potential sailors a variety of locations to learn to sail.

The schools selected were required to meet four criteria before becoming affiliated members of the network. First, the school must offer a certification program through American Sailing Association, US Sailing Association or both. Second, the school must have a high instructor to student ratio. Third, the school must have an excellent reputation within the local and national sailing community. The school’s reputation was based on local and/or national recognition as a sailing school, the school’s boats’ ages, previous affiliation with Sunsail, past an present marketing efforts, and future plans to develop their sailing school program. Finally, the school’s overall enthusiasm to participate in the network was considered in evaluating school applications. Upon reviewing all of the applicants based on these guidelines, selected schools were interviewed and chosen to become members of the Sunsail Sailing School Network.

The goal of Sunsail Sailing School Network is to pair sailors with affiliated schools to make learning to sail easier. The network will achieve this through its well-defined referral program. Individuals interested in learning how to sail will contact Sunsail Sailing School Network to learn about the affiliated school and sailing program nearest them. Sunsail will then introduce the potential student to the sailing school. Sunsail’s referral program will also work in reverse. Graduates of the sailing schools, as potential vacationers, will be directed back to Sunsail so that they can utilize and enjoy their newly mastered skills. Sunsail will be rewarding the sailing school graduates who learned to sail through the Sunsail Sailing School Network with a 5% discount off future Sunsail Vacations.

The benefits of the program are three-fold. First, new sailors receive a convenient introduction to a quality-assured network school. Second, affiliated schools benefit from Sunsail Sailing School Network through specific marketing efforts, such as brochure inserts, print advertising, boat shows, and website pages. Sunsail hopes these marketing efforts will contribute to the schools’ efforts to increase the number of sailors across the nation.

Sunsail Sailing Vacations is the world’s largest yacht charter company, with a fleet of over 800 yachts spread over 39 bases in 19 countries. In addition, Sunsail operates 10 Beach Clubs located in Greece, Turkey and the Caribbean location in Antigua. These beach clubs are ideal for families looking for a sailing vacation at a club that offers a wide range of sailing, windsurfing and watersports equipment and lessons. Sunsail has been providing the world’s leading sailing vacations since 1974.

For more information on the Sailing School Network call 800-734-8190 or visit www.sunsail.com.