How to replace and clean a filter on Sea Water Strainers

JMP Marine

Essential to protecting pumps and engines is a sea water strainer. But, even strainers need their filter cleaned and replaced. Below JMP outlines the simple steps needed to make sure the process is completed correctly.

JMP Marines for protecting pumps and engines is a sea water strainer

First, owners should turn off the sea water intake. Then they should drain the strainer and make sure it's clean. Next, they can unscrew the wingnuts on the sea water strainer by hand. After that, they should release the cover lugs and open the cover. Then, the stainless steel filter can be pulled out. Owners can now inspect the filter and clean it or determine if it needs replacing. It's also a good time to replace the inside cover “O” ring and basket, if necessary.

JMP's sea water strainers are sized to meet the needs of various applications. With a strong bronze body for a long life, these strainers feature stainless, chrome-plated baskets. Hand grips deliver easy install and removal. The center load makes it easy for users to install the basket into the cylinder. At 8mm thick, the cylinder is strong, yet transparent with an air cap to remove air. O-rings offer better sealing under high pressure. A zinc anode protects against corrosion.

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