The First Sunlight Readable Netbook
Lake Forest, CA, January 4, 2011

Clover Systems has announced the release of the new SunBook™ sunlight readable netbook PC.

This new product is the first netbook that can be viewed in direct sunlight, opening up a new world of mobile computing outdoors. Ordinary LCD displays are simply too dim to view in direct sunlight.

SunBook combines a state-of-the-art netbook with a new type of LED backlit transflective LCD display that provides a bright, clear display in all lighting conditions. This allows you to use the SunBook anywhere from total darkness to direct sunlight, and increases battery life up to 12 hours.

The SunBook can be invaluable for those who need or wish to work outdoors. This includes boaters, pilots, road warriors, field researchers, and anyone who just wants to work or play at the beach or the park. Sunlight readable displays are becoming necessary as more people are using mobile devices to be productive on the go.

The SunBook is compact and less than 3 lbs., yet has a nearly full size keyboard, which is indispensable for many applications. Although there are other laptop PCs that claim to be daylight readable, they sacrifice brightness in dim light, and battery life. Furthermore, they typically cost two or three times as much as SunBook.


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