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3 January 2011


Highest-ranked collegiate match race talent in the US to start in June

CANFIELD HIRED TO BE SAILING MANAGER AT CMRC Chicago, IL The Chicago Match Race Center (CMRC) is pleased to announce that intercollegiate match race talent Taylor Canfield has been hired to be the Sailing Manager ofCMRC for its daily operations in the upcoming 2011 season. Canfield is currently a senior atBoston College and will start in this position after graduating in May.

Hailing from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, 21-year old Canfield has shown outstandingperformance potential in the last two years. Besides winning last falls Intercollegiate MatchRace Championship for Boston College, he also earned victories at two CMRC Grade 3events, as well as winning the 2010 US Trifecta of Grade 2 events, which earned him aninvitation to the Grade 1 Congressional Cup this coming March. Canfields remarkable climb through the ranks at the ISAF Grade WC 2010 Argo Group Gold Cup to finish 6th earned him the highest ranking of any North American skipper.

These and other results add up to Canfield being ranked 31 st overall in the ISAF Open MatchRace World Rankings, second-highest of any North American-based skipper, just twopositions behind CMRC Director Bill Hardesty.

“Having Taylor on board will give us more flexibility to offer more services and opportunities toCMRC members and others who come to learn and train in match race sailing,” saidHardesty. “Hes been racing at our events now for two years, so he knows our operation verywell, and his experience for the last two summers coaching at Chicago YC gives him somevaluable coaching and training skills to help enhance this part of our mission.”

“Im very much looking forward to taking on this challenge,” said Canfield. “CMRC has beenthe most active sailing facility of its kind in the US, and has given a tremendous opportunityfor people like me to come and learn, train and race. There is a lot of interest now in matchracing, so Im excited to be part of helping grow this trend in the sport.”

Sponsors of the CMRC include Eurex, CME Group, NewEdge, City Inns and Line Honors.

For more information about CMRC, visit or contact CMRC Director Bill Hardesty at

About CMRC: The Chicago Match Race Center was founded to promote and grow the sport of match race sailing. Besides being used in the America’s Cup, match race sailing has recently also been adapted as a Women’s discipline in the 2012 Olympic Games. As part of its mission to provide the highest-level match racing training facility for professional and amateur sailors in the US, CMRC retains a full fleet of TOM 28 class boats and all umpire and support boats needed to run international-caliber regattas. Additionally, CMRC has procured a fleet of Elliott 6M class boats, the type that will be used in the Games, and will use them to train and race teams with Olympic aspirations. For the complete list of events and results from the 2010 season schedule, and events for the 2011 season, please visit