heiken reggata

Sail, Sweat, Swim and Sway at the 30th Annual Heineken Regatta

By Lynn Fitzpatrick

Titan 15 winsMarch 5, 2010 (Sint Maarten) –Over 2,500 sailors at the 30th Annual Heineken Regatta are having Serious Fun!. The big boats raced at 32.4 nm course around Sint Maarten, while the smaller racing boats and the bareboat fleets sailed a 27.3 nm course or an 18 nm course. Today’s big winner in light to moderate breeze was Tom Hill’s Reichel Pugh 75’Titan 15!.

The starts were supercharged, particularly in the Spinnaker I Division. Rambler got off on the windward end of the starting line under full power and Titan 15! skirted below the fleet while Highland Fling got mixed up with a smaller boat. Rambler laid the first mark from the starting line while the others had to tack.

The big boys distanced themselves on the rest of the fleet. By the time they rounded the top of the island, Rambler was solidly in the lead, Highland Fling was in second and Titan 15! was third. Titan 15! can accelerate and build speed faster than the others and won the race on corrected time. Said Peter Isler, Highland Fling’s skipper, during the Heineken Regatta press conference, “These are three of the best big boat owners from the US and it’s awesome that they are here and that the competition is so fierce.”

This is the first time that the three boats have raced against each other and the consensus is that Titan 15! will be tough to beat if the light air persists.

In the Spinnaker 2 Division, Sir Peter Harrison’s Farr 115, Sojana, and White Lie, a Swan 90, shut out many of the 13-boat fleet on the starting line. It is quite a thrill to be among the multimillion dollar boats jockeying for position on a tight starting line.

Calvin Reed’s, Elandra, a Beneteau First 40.7, won the Gill Commodores Cup and started the Heineken Regatta with a bullet. Likewise, after winning the Racing D division in the Commodores Cup, Dave West and his team on Jurukan, a Melges 32, won today’s opener in the Spinnaker 7 division.

The Heineken Regatta includes seven bareboat divisions and several multihull divisions. Said Regatta Chair, Budget Marine’s Robbie Ferrone, “As the regatta has grown we’ve been able to put together nice classes. This is the first time that all of the ultra lights are racing against each other. We have a new rule for the bareboat fleets that does not allow maximizing the boat. The boats from the bareboat companies should be allocated on a completely random basis to ensure equal and fair opportunity for all competitors.”

The tour of the island ended by early afternoon and many of the big boat sailors went for a swim or gathered in the shade to wait out the afternoon’s heat and recharge for the evening’s entertainment. The Heineken Regatta has inspired a Caribbean music festival. Ten bands are lined up to entertain the crowds along the boardwalk tonight in Phillipsburg. Tonight’s headliner is T-MO, Sint Maarten’s first Soca Monarch and a controversial Calypsonian. Saturday night will feature Rupee and Sunday’s party at Kim Sha Beach will feature Reggae artists Ziggi and Maikal X.

The Heineken Regatta offers great sailing, a variety of music, a diverse island and one beer to drink. “It’s Serious Fun. That’s what makes this regatta stand out,” said Ferrone.

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Provisional Results – Day 1 Heineken Regatta

Spinnaker 1
1. Titan 15
2. Rambler
3. Highland Fling

Spinnaker 2
1. Sa Duda!
2. White Lie
3. Passion 4 C
Spinnaker 3
1. Peake Yacht Service Storm
2. Oystercatcher XXVI
3. Blackberry Enzyme
Spinnaker 4
1. Intac
2. Affinity
3. Avocation
Spinnaker 5
1. Elandra
2. El Ocaso
3. Malachite
Spinnaker 6
1. Melody
2. Umakua
3. Ormeau
Spinnaker 7
1. Jurakan
2. Budget Marine
3. Coorslight
Non-spinnaker 1
1 Equinox Sailing Team
2 Irruenza Sailing Team
3 Tara II
Non-spinnaker 2
1. Team Sumum
2. Caribes Diesel Services
3. Blue Peter
Bareboat 1
1. Titrum
2. Neerlands Glorie
3. Acele ET
Bareboat 2
1. Heineken Brouwerijen Utrecht Sailers
2. Alez III
3. Rokade
Bareboat 3
1. Gruppo Sportivo
2. Venture III
3. Harten Heer
Bareboat 4
1. Pride of Samsung
2. Slack & Track
3. Bon Bon Catering
Bareboat 5

1. Classics
2. Team Aspen
3. Kelsey Mae
Bareboat 6
1. Best Times
2. MotorClub de Unie
3. Oyster Pond Pirates
Bareboat 7
1. Silver Darling
2. Stream Team 1
3. Team Water Phantom
1. Looking for Elvis
2. Cream
3. Coco de Mer
Multihull Racing
1. Twentse Rose
2. Logoonies Triumph
3. Soma
Multihull Cruising
1. Lucky 7
2. Guimamalou
3. Ural Hawks
Open Class
1. Hippie Hop
2. The Gambling Mavericks
3. Team Chesterfield’s
Bareboat Overall
1. MotorClub de Unie
2. Team Water Phantom
3. Heineken Brouwerijen Utrecht Sailers