Look out! New boating humor book Offers “Dangerous” Humor
Warning: Contains boating humor and trace amounts of irony. May not be suitable for all waterfront characters—and you know who you are.

New boating humor book Offers Dangerous Humor In his good-humored guide to the many idiosyncrasies of boaters and boats, veteran skipper and award winning boating writer Marlin Bree laughs it up with fellow mariners in The Dangerous Book for Boaters: A humorous waterfront guide to the ways and wiles of boaters.

With 60 whimsical illustrations and cartoons, the Dangerous Book develops its boating humor in 15 tongue-in-cheek chapters ranging from surviving seasickness to coping with the marine head. Dangerous veers into uncharted waters with chock-a-block wit and wisdom ranging from “Skipperhood” to dealing with a party-hearty crew who haven’t a clue—and don’t really want one. Not overlooked are such ripe subjects as nautical dress codes and marlinspike boat operations—or lack of them—and even advice on perfecting the art of romance in a small boat while at sea.

From making sense of salty sayings to defining “naviguessing,” this all-in-one guide to sail and powerboats will give crusty seadogs and their trusty crews a boatload of laughs. “If everything else fails, you can always do one more thing,” author Bree counsels. “You can always laugh!”

Marlin Bree is a veteran sailboater and the best-selling author of numerous boating books including Alone Against the Atlantic (written with Gerry Spiess); Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures, Wake of the Green Storm: A Survivor’s Tale, and In the Teeth of the Northeaster: A Solo Voyage on Lake Superior. He is a member of Boating Writers International and is the only writer to ever have twice won BWI’s Grand Prize.

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