Boating Safety Through Better Signaling

Signal Mate assists boaters by automating the sound and light safety signals required by navigational rules, which allows attention to be focused on the safe operation of the vessel. Signal Mate can automate a vessel’s existing sound and light signaling equipment from a small compact horn, to a large air horn system; from a LED light, to a large remote control searchlight. By using two independent outputs, both a horn and 360-degree light can be synchronized, allowing you to be seen and heard. At night this is particularly valuable when signaling for maneuvering, warning and distress. The sound gives the general direction of the signal and the light pinpoints exactly which vessel is signaling. The horn and/or light may be used manually, as a single sequence, or a repeated sequence at the proper intervals. In addition to restricted visibility, Signal Mate automates danger/doubt, and both inland and international distress signals. Signal Mate has a convenient 12-volt receptacle to allow a spotlight to be automated in distress situations. Signal Mate also comes in a portable self-contained package containing; carry bag, controller, 106db compact horn, 360° high intensity LED light with visibility exceeding the USCG 2 mile requirement and is certified to ABYC A-16 and 72 COLREGS standards, 7 ampere-hour AGM battery and three stage charger. The unit is pre-wired and ready for immediate use.

Many boats have air horn systems but use a VHF radio with hailer for automated signaling. While in the preprogrammed fog modes the radio cannot be used. Hailers cannot provide danger/doubt or distress signaling or perform a single sequence during restricted visibility, which is useful when listening for other vessels' signals. In addition they lack the ability to synchronize a 360° light with a horn. Signal Mate can easily control an air horn solenoid valve to automate the air horn system. Other types of horns; aerosol canister, pump up canister and lung powered horns lack capacity and are impractical for maintaining the sequence and time intervals prescribed. Through the use of automated sound and light signals, Signal Mate makes it practical for vessels to signal to avoid collisions. Signal Mate can be used in boater education classes to help the boater recognize the signals.

For more information, visit the Signal Mate website at or call 410-675-4901.



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