Introducing Self-leveling Video Camera Mounts by Horizon True

Horizon True camera mounts are moving forward to meet the need for speed! The ability to videotape your practices, club racing or major regattas greatly enhances your ability for post race analysis. This encourages your team to take it up a notch, therefore more speed. Besides this, it is just plain fun to watch.

Just add your camera or one available from Horizon True, clamp it to a rail, stanchion, mast or cleat. The camera will stay level keeping the Horizon True. The self-leveling action and hydraulic dampening gives the viewer a true on-board experience, which is critical for post race analysis.

Used by professionals

Jeff Mootz, inventor, sailor, and videographer has had the privilege of working with Gary Jobson providing on board video in Acuraís Key West and Miami Regattas, as seen on ESPN2. Horizon True footage was also used in reports from the US Collegiate National Championship in May 2007 as well as US Sailing's coverage of the Olympic Trials as seen on These opportunities have allowed much input from both Gary Jobsonís production team on acquiring quality video, from the sailorís input to minimize intrusion and ease of the camera mounts use. See recent video at

Mounts for a variety of boats and cameras

Have a boat? Horizon True has the mount, from TP 52 or bigger, to Dinghies. Many adaptations available and in some cases custom made, will allow you to videotape from your boat! Mounts of all sizes will handle up to 15lb cameras down to the small lipstick cameras.

Horizon True products are made in the U.S. For more information log on to: or call Jeff Mootz at Mootz Eye Clinic, 507-665-3366.



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