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The Best Competition You Ever Froze With
60th Annual Timme Angsten Memorial Regatta, November 24-26, 2006

Minnesota focused and in hot pursuit, with Chicago’s Navy Pier’s ferris wheel in the background. Mark Dunsworth skippering, Anna Soers crew. Photo provided by Boatingshots.com.

For the last 60 years, collegiate sailors have driven from around the country to the Chicago Yacht Club over Thanksgiving weekend, working to free halyards and main sheets frozen into the bottoms of their boats, to sail the Timme Angsten Memorial Regatta. Now, if you’ve ever been to Chicago in the winter, you know that the concept of racing sailboats there in late November is more than a little bit crazy. But since a group of Northwestern University sailors decided to host a little regatta in 1947, each year college teams brave the elements in order to experience “the best competition you ever froze with.”

First called the Northwestern Invitational Regatta, the race was renamed in memorial to the regatta’s primary founder, Timme Angsten, who died less than a year later. The regatta has carried on with the support of the Chicago Yacht Club and the Angsten family. Timme’s father, the late Commodore Henry Angsten, donated the perpetual trophy and the Angsten family continues to help defray regatta costs each year.

It’s no secret that intercollegiate racing has, over the years, been a vital proving ground for America’s sailors. Today there are more major collegiate regattas, and “The Timme” is the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association’s Fall Championship. Shifty winds and the potential for extreme cold is a feature college racers expect during this regatta, although each team fielding an A and B division racing format guarantees that, for at least half the day, you’ll be watching from the toasty interior of the clubhouse.

The winners of the Timme Angsten Memorial Regatta Boston College. Photo provided by Boatingshots.com.

Last year Boston College clenched their fourth consecutive Angsten victory, and was recently named “number one ranked co-ed sailing team” by Sailing World. Boston College is among many other talented collegiate teams expected to fair well in this year’s regatta. The Timme Angsten Regatta takes place November 24-26, 2006 at Chicago Yacht Club’s Monroe Station, in Monroe Harbor.


The final day of racing was very similar to the previous two. Air temps remained high with winds only slightly diminished from Day 2. For most of the day the wind was out of the SSW but, just in time for the final B set, it backed 45 degrees to the SE requiring the RC to reset the course. A full rotation was completed with 6 more WL races added to each division’s scores.

The midwest teams chase Boston College down into the dusk. Michigan in boat 9, Illinois in boat 5, Minnesota in boat 7. Photo provided by Boatingshots.com.

There were no protests, requests for redress or breakdowns filed on the final day of the event.
Boston College was once again crowned Angsten Champion. This marks their fifth consecutive year as champions going back to 2002. This is second only to Coast Guard who won seven consecutive 'Timmes' from 1959-1965.


1) BOSTON COLLEGE, Spencer Powers, Field Osler '10, Sandy Williams '10, Mallory Brown '09, Jay Connolly '07; 2) URI, Craig Thompson '08, Brian Bartley '09, Steve Frazier '07, Nick Dovbniak '09; 3) VERMONT, Matt Clark '08, Coco Solsvig '10, Andrew Franklin '08, Will Streklow '09, Molly Doyle '09; 4) WISCONSIN, Scott Eisenhardt '07, Anna Bargren '07, Patrick Richards '10, Patti Schmidt '08, Beccah Steffenson '07; 5) NAVY, David Parker '08, Tina Pryne '10, Mac Fletcher '09, Jake Gerlach '08, Jerry Sturzbecher '10; 6) MICHIGAN, Christina Falcone '07, Caitlin Fortune '08, Christopher Granger '07, Ben Seppala '07, Lisa Vandenbossche '07; 7) MINNESOTA, Mark Dunsworth '06, Anna Soers '10, Kate Hockin '10, Dave Elsmo '08, Nick Hovland '10; 8) NORTHWESTERN, Jimmy Costakis '09, Erin Miller '08, Brandon Keas '07, Jali Becker '07; 9) MIAMI OF OHIO, Jocelyn Pollak '06, Matt Rush '06, Liz Manley '10, Abby Heckler '06, Spencer Simms '09, Drew Plominski '08, Katerina Barnes '09, Molli Anderson '10; 10) MICHIGAN STATE, Mills Forni '08, Lindsey Vickers '08, Michelle Cosier '07, Steve Griffith '08, Meghan Walter '07; 11) KANSAS, Tim Fitzgerald '07, Evan Charles '07, Danielle Grampoli '09; 12) FORDHAM, Eric Jochum '10, Annie Carroll '10, Dave Purinton '10, Katie O'Malley '07, Charlie McPike '10; 13) NOTRE DAME, Chris May '08, Jaci Chase '09, Amy Becker '07, Tim O'Brian '10, Ryan Wermeling '07, Kerry Kilbourn '07; 14) JOHN CARROLL, Patrick Bloomstein '09, Peter Hrtanek '08, Chris Simon '10, Michael Westerkamp '08; 15) UNIV OF CHICAGO, Rachael Moloney '07, Annie Dean '07, Julia Calloway '09, Kate Harney '09, Conor Healy '10; 16) ILLINOIS, Matt Reschke '10, Greg Zimmerman '06, Marilyn Logan '09, Melissa Jardeleza '07, Brian Shaw '09, Dave Gotsch '10, Vic Delrosso '06, Ben Valentine '07; 17) UMBC, Richard Dunn '07, Jon Viebrock'08, Steven Hersey '10, Leif Huber; 18) UNIV OF OKLAHOMA, Jaci Wolf '08, Josh Benge '09, Tifarah Booth '07, Zach Duvall '07, Scott White '10.

Some of the competing teams taking a plunge in the icy waters at the end of the Timme Angsten Memorial regatta. Photo provided by Boatingshots.com.

For more information see the Chicago Yacht Club website at www.chicagoyachtclub.org

Grosse Ile Yacht Club Trans Erie Yacht Race 2006


1) Hellion, Soverel 39, Dr Robert Coleman; 2) Say Uncle, Henderson 30, Kevin Lemonds; 3) Crazy Horse, Frers 50, Bud Siudara; 4) Sho-Wae-Cae-Mette, Beneteau 36.7, Sue Grassley; 5) Bada Bing, J-41, A.J. Southard.


1) Shenanigan, J-33, Dick Synowiec; 2) White Star, Beneteau 36S7, Rodger & Carolyn Dutton; 3) Racer X, X-3/4 Ton Mk II, Roger Pollack/Matt Dubois; 4) Revalation, Norlin 41, Robert Sturgill; 5) Baci, C&C 110, Elizabeth Eischen; 6) Yuk Foo II, Hobie 33, Walt Norris/Rich Potcova.


1) Red Cloud, Santana 35, John & Judy Greiner; 2) Corsair II, Abbott 33, Jack Bernard; 3) Horizon, Sabre 38, Bill Braun; 4) Gus, X-3/4 Ton Mk I, Jim Bourgault; 5) Nautical Dreamer, Oceanis 440, Ben Schneider; 6) Madam X, X 370, Dennis Wood.


1) Gauntlet, S2 7.9, Cary Deihl; 2) Wildcat, J-30, Russ Atkinson; 3) Supernal, Irwin 32, Joe Kubera; 4) Flak Bait, C&C 33, Duane Burgoyne; 5) Catmando, Catalina 36, Ken Muskat; 6) Ariel, Morgan 30-2, John Stachurski;


1) Odyssey, Catalina 400 WK, Wally McGinn; 2) Taz, Tartan 10, Dan Pavlat; 3) Jabberwocky, Tartan 31, Bill Kruger.

MCSA Sloop Championship
Detroit Yacht Club
September 23-24, 2006

Saturday: It was a partly sunny day with the temperature in the upper 60's. The wind was from the southwest from 5-7. Marquette was a No Show causing one of the Detroit Yacht Club's Flying Scots to be left at the dock for each race. PRO Ed Theisen set a two lap windward Leeward course. Things were going fine until on the second beat Ohio State suffered a break-down when their jib halyard parted. Wisconsin was disqualified for a violation of Rule 10 in race 1 after failing to cross Ohio University. Ohio University fouled Western Michigan at the leeward mark of race 2 and took a 20% penalty for the infringement. Northwestern protested Ohio for making contact with the same mark. The protest Committee of George Griswold, Ed Olsen, and Ed Theisen exonerated Ohio University on the basis that the infringement was part of the same incident with Western Michigan. After race 3 the fleet took a lunch break only to find out that the wind had decreased in strength enough to make it impossible to sail against the current on the Detroit River. After hanging on anchors for a half an hour racing was postponed until later in the day. Just as the hearings for the protests were concluding the wind came back up as a front approached. Race 4 was started in winds of 6-8 and concluded in winds of 15-18. Ohio State's spinnaker exploded on the last run but they finished in second place and decided not to apply for breakdown points. Michigan was in the lead with Minnesota one point behind, and Miami three points back. At the end of the day the Detroit Yacht Club provided a cookout for the competitors. The general activities for the evening included a trip to Canada, and a trip to East Lansing by the Notre Dame Team to watch the football game between Notre Dame and Michigan State which started at 8 and ended after midnight getting them back at 3 am.

Sunday looked promising and the fleet was prepared to start with only a short delay from the scheduled 9:30 warning signal. The winds were building from 15-18 and everyone was looking forward to an exciting day of sailing. However, Northwestern capsized their Flying Scot while trying to untangle an hourglass in their spinnaker. It took over an hour to get the boat righted and ashore where it could be pumped out. In the meantime Western Michigan's jib halyard had let go. As they were attempting to sail back to the dock the head stay also broke and the mast came crashing down. With the winds continuing to build racing was postponed and all boats went ashore. At about 12:30 the winds had dropped from about 25 to under 20 and it was decided to sail race 4 without spinnakers. Unfortunately, Wisconsin was OCS at the start and did not return. Northwestern's problems continued when the rudder blade on their boat broke off just below the rudder head. They were awarded a breakdown for race 5. Race 6 was started just after 2 pm and saw Miami's jib halyard fail. They were awarded a breakdown for race 6. In Sunday's racing Michigan was unable to keep pace with Minnesota and slipped to 4th in the final standings behind Miami and Ohio State.

A special thanks to Al Minsterman and the rest of the Detroit Yacht Club volunteers who made the 30th time that the Detroit Yacht Club has hosted this event a success.


1) Minnesota, Mark Dunsworth 06, Dave Elsmo 08, Nick Hovland 10; 2) Miami, Matt Rush 07, Doug Baker 08, Jocelyn Pollak 07; 3). Ohio State, Connor Hawkins 08, Joe Groszek 08, Joe Minerd 07; 4). Michigan, Chris Granger 07, Scott Pfeffer 09, David Altshuler 09; 5). Notre Dame, John Dailey 08, Tim Roy 08, Caroline Nally 08; 6). Ohio Univ., Jordan Gourash 09, Eric Milliman 08, Christine Rice 09,, Caroline Sundman 08; 7) Wisconsin, Matt Schmidt 07, Dan Barker 07, Matt Kirley; 8) Northwestern, Liz Hines 08, Tod Reynolds 09, Dagmar Van Ergen 07; 9) W. Michigan, Geoffrey Lindenberg 08, Sara Burton 07, Lindsey Gates 10, Sara Burton 07, Kyle Wilhelm 10; 10) Marquette.

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