How your home can give you more time on the water…

You found your dream boat and want to spend as much time as possible on it. Unfortunately, with personal and professional schedule constraints there seems to be less and less time available for enjoying that new boat. Nevertheless, a housing change in your life may produce light at the end of the tunnel and more time to raise anchor, trim the main sail, and hit the open seas.

First and foremost, check with your "first mate." In choosing a new abode your Realtor can be helpful but your "first mate's" input is essential.

There are many housing options available (apartment, condominium, town-home, single family home, etc.) and the decision of which provides you the most flexible schedule is difficult. Your Realtor can help facilitate the process and alleviate some of the stress. A single family home with a large yard can be nice if you do not want to store your boat at the marina during the off season. However, the drawbacks to single family living for the active sailing oriented person are the myriad of time consuming home projects that require constant attention and draw time away from the water.

For example, what does your current weekend schedule typically look like? Is it always filled with a seemingly never ending list of projects around the house? The grass never stops growing and needs to be cut… trees and shrubs that need trimming …. decks need repairing or painting. There always seems to be an additional item on that "honey do" list.

Many town homes today offer a great option to those duties. For a modest monthly fee, a town home association assumes the responsibilities and exterior duties of the typical single family home. If your goal is to gain more time with your boat, town home living with an association is an enticing option

I live in a town home and unlike many of my friends; I do not have to worry about a list of outdoor projects. On weekends, my only concern is which direction to point the bow.

If you think a town home may be the best option for you, talk to your Realtor and start looking for the one that is right for you. Talk to your Realtor also about his/her commissions and other transaction expenses. I like to work with my clients and help them save as much as possible (more money for their boats). If your Realtor is working with you on the sale of your current home and purchase of a new town home, he/she should be willing to adjust the commission on the sale of your first home. Remember that everything in real estate is negotiable. With interest rates still low, now may be your time to look into a housing change.

…….so while others are working around the house on their weekends with the never ending "honey do" list, you could be on the water catching a few breezes.

David Setness is a GRI certified Realtor with Counselor Realty in White Bear Lake. He has been sailing for over eight years, most of itin Canada. Talk with him at the Minneapolis Boat Show. He will be at the White Bear Boat Works booth sharing his sailing experiences.