Race Results

Trans Superior
Aug 7-10


1) Crazy Horse, Frers 50 2) Colt 45, Santa Cruz 70 3) Aerie, Islander 36 4) Chewbacca, Nelson/Marek Intíl 50 5) True North, C&C Custom 37 6) Chippewa, Farr 395 7) Hiawatha, Catalina 38 8) Stripes, Santa Cruz 70 9) Papa Gaucho, J-35 10) Mongoose, X-Yachts Ė IMX 38 11) Shanti, C&C 33 MK II 12) Polar Bear, Olson 13) Rip Tide, Cal 14) Wylie Coyote, Wylie 40 15) Northern Harrier, J-41 16) Red Hawk, Santa Cruz 40 17) Voyager, C&C 44 18) Odessey, Catalina 400 19) Jacelyn, Ranger 23 20) Whoa Nellie, Island Packet 21) Integrity, Nassau 22) Ginger Kay, C&C 27 TR 23) GL Cubed, Beneteau First 24) Felucca, Mirage 30 25) Nightwatch, Canadian Sailcraft 36T 26) Mocha, Pearson 37 R/C 27) Sea Drifter, Willard 8 Ton 28) Chiquita II, C&C 26 29) Phoenix, Pearson, Dropped Out 30) Solar Express, Contour 34, Multihull, Dropped Out.

Crewed Division:


1) Crazy Horse, Frers 50 2) Colt 45, Santa Cruz 70 3) Chewbacca, Nelson/Marek Intíl 50 4) Chippewa, Farr 395 5) Stripes, Santa Cruz 70 6) Mongoose, X-Yachts Ė IMX 38 7) Red Hawk, Santa Cruz 40

1) Papa Gaucho, J-35 2) Wylie Coyote, Wylie 40 3) Northern Harrier, J-41 4) Voyager, C&C 44

1) True North, C&C Custom 37 2) Hiawatha, Catalina 38 3) Felucca, Mirage 30 4) Nightwatch, Canadian Sailcraft 36T 5) Mocha, Pearson 37 R/C

PHRF Cruising:
1)Aerie, Islander 36 2) Shanti, C&C 33 MK II

Single-handed Division:

Class 1:
1) Polar Bear, Olson 2) Rip Tide, Cal 3) Odessey, Catalina 400 4) Integrity, Nassau

Class 2:
1) Whoa Nellie, Island Packet 2) Ginger Kay, C&C 27 TR 3) GL Cubed, Beneteau First

Class 3:
1) Sea Drifter, Willard 8 Ton 2) Chiquita II, C&C 26 3) Phoenix, Pearson, Dropped Out
Multihull: 1) Solar Express, Contour, Multihull, Dropped Out

1) Jacelyn, Ranger 23

2005 Trans Erie Yacht Race
Is Record Setter

The 2005 Trans Erie Yacht Race, starting at Grosse Ile, MI on Friday afternoon, August 19, will go down in the record books as not only the biggest in the event's nine year history, but also as the fastest, and in one case, the roughest.

Kevin Lemond's Henderson 30, Say Uncle, used the 25 knot westerly winds the fleet encountered at the starting line to propel his boat to a new west-east elapsed time record for the race, finishing the race at Presque Isle Harbor Light in Erie, PA in 19 hours, 54 minutes while carrying a spinnaker for all but the last mile of the 140 NM race. In addition to being the first monohull to finish, Say Uncle won PHRF A and PHRF Overall on corrected time.

Say Uncle was not the only record setter. Jim Lyden's Corsair 27 trimaran, Panacea, set a new multihull elapsed time record, finishing in 14 hours, 44 minutes, besting the old record set in 2003 by Ryan Howe's 60-foot custom trimaran, Earth Voyager by over an hour in winning the multihull class.

The 44 starters, in four PHRF, one doulblehanded, one single-handed, and one multihull class was the largest fleet to start the race to date.

For the Reynolds 33 catamaran, Whirlwind, sailed by David Walzer, starting was not the problem, but finishing was. Whirlwind capsized in the rough, confused seas near Point Pelee on Friday evening, and the crew had to be pull from the water by the Canadian Coast Guard. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and Walzer was able to right the boat the following day and sail it home.

For overall winner Lemonds, from Grosse Ile Yacht Club, it was a wild ride. "We hit a top speed of 18.5 knots, and for the first 10 hours of the race, averaged over 12 knots," said Lemonds. "If the wind would've held, we'd have finished the race in under 12 hours". The high nighttime winds tapered off during the day on Saturday, and most of the fleet finished Saturday evening under moderate breezes.

Much of the fleet would have to agree with Lemonds' assessment of the race, as many of the sailors agreed the spinnaker ride on Friday night, broad reaching behind 6-8 foot seas, in 20+ knots of wind, with 75 degree night time temperatures, under a full moon, was one of the most memorable sails they've ever had, regardless of where they finished.

The race, sponsored by the Midget Ocean Racing Club, and co-hosted by Grosse Ile Yacht Club and Erie Yacht Club, is the longest distance race on Lake Erie, and is unique in the fact that the direction of the race reverses each year. Next year's race in 2006 will mark the 10th anniversary of the race, which will be run from Erie to Grosse Ile. The organizers promise a big event for the 10th anniversary.


PHRF A: 1.) Say Uncle, Henderson 30, Kevin Lemonds. 2.) Viva Las Vegas, Hobie 33, Steve Attard. 3.) Menace, Hobie 33, Mike Deye.

PHRF B: 1.) Hiawatha, Catalina 38, Bob Porter. 2.) Racer X, X ĺ ton Mk II, Roger Pollack & Matt Dubois. 3.) Hurricane, Beneteau 38S5, Dave Caracci

PHRF C: 1.) Horizon, Sabre 38, Bill Braun. 2.) Feisty, Abbott 33, Brian Hartwell. 3.) Wildcat, J-30, Russ Atkinson

PHRF D: 1.) Cal Girl, Cal 29, Ted & Denise Wagner 2.) Great Scot, Bristol 28, Tom & June Gibbs 3.) Camelot, Tartan 33, Ron Konczalski

Double handed: 1.) Plum Crazy, Hobie 33, Richard Potcova 2.) Patriot Missle, Evelyn 32, Chris Merkle 3.) Phoenix, Orion 35, Joe Toth

Single-handed: 1.) Extravagance, Yamaha 36, Gary Eby

Multihull: 1.) Panacea, Corsair F-27, Jim Lyden 2.) Tri Again, Corsair F-31, Patrick Quinn 3.) Big Storm, Corsair F-28, James Fredrick

PHRF Overall: 1.) Say Uncle 2.) Horizon 3.) Viva Las Vegas


History repeated itself last Friday, the final day of US SAILINGís U.S. Menís and Womenís Sailing Championship, with the same champions taking home trophies as in 2003, the last time the two events were held concurrently. Zack Fanberg, Minnetonka, MN who sailed with his wife Sara and with Marcus Eagan, Metairie, LA enters the history books of the U.S. Menís Sailing Championship for being only the second skipper in the eventís 53-year history to win the event three consecutive years.

In the U.S. Womenís Championship, Joni Palmer Annapolis, MD won the Championship for a second time, still sailing with the same crew that helped her win in 2003: Meredith Dodd, Pittsburg, PA and Carrie Carpenter, Oakland, MD. Sailed in Flying Scots, the two Championships were hosted concurrently by American Yacht Club in Rye, N.Y.