Rust Prevention Perfected for Steel Parts and Tools Used by Boaters

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J., Dec. 2, 2010 -- Leland Limited's Maximum Inflation(R) brand of marine products has developed reusable poly bags which prevent rust on steel tools and parts without using environmentally damaging oils. A typical mariner is all too familiar with a tool or tackle box full of rusted items.

Traditional rust prevention for steel parts and tools in the marine environment meant spraying oils onto the metal surfaces and then wiping off before use. Items such as hand tools, fishing hooks, screws, nuts and bolts are constantly being discarded due to rust.

Leland(R) solved this, as corrosion inhibitors are lined on the plastic sheeting that makes up the bag. In the package environment these inhibitors surround the parts and volatilize to form a protective molecular layer. When these chemicals volatilize, they release vapors which are attracted to the metal surfaces due to their polar orientation.

The corrosion inhibitor molecules align on the metal surfaces to a depth of three to five molecules migrating into recesses. This layer of molecules passivates the charged surface and creates a barrier that prevents oxidation. Protected parts are easily removed from the bag and are ready for immediate use, with no smell or residue. After use, dry parts can be put back in the bag for continued protection.

Leland(R) developed this out of necessity for their own business of making steel CO2 cylinders for marine inflatable life jackets. In the manufacturing line, the raw steel cylinders rust very quickly without any protection. Rather than follow a traditional oil bath method for rust prevention, the company chose an environmentally responsible way to protect their steel goods in process - to place the raw steel cylinders into these bags for transport and storage prior to electroplating zinc as the final protective step.

An assortment of 3 bag sizes are provided in the kit, which retails for only $12.95. It can be purchased from Leland on their marine site: or contact Frank Solazzo at 908-561-2000