Powerful Binocular Gets Yacht Owners Out of the Dark

POWERFUL BINOCULAR GETS YACHT OWNERS OUT OF THE DARK Navigating at night is safer and easier with the handheld Titan Binocular from OceanView Technologies. Investigating noises or possible security threats can now take place from the comfort of a yacht cabin or helm station.

Unlike thermal cameras, OceanView's Titan Series Digital Low-Light Night-Vision Binocular can see through glass and isinglass, making it simple to plot a course and inspect surrounding waters without heading outside to the deck. It's ideal for sea or land surveillance, long-range object detection and navigation.

Different from traditional low-light cameras, the Titan's IR Illuminator uses an IR frequency that when switched on makes the low-light image discernible in total darkness. In these conditions, the Titan's removable IR illuminator enables users to see objects up to 1,640' away. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the Titan can operate over a wide range of lighting conditions without having to adjust contrast or brightness.

Incorporating the latest Closed Coupled Device (CCD) technology, the digital binocular can be used day or night without damage to the device. An anti-blooming system helps reduce any loss of the image at night, even when a bright light source is in range.

Offering tireless viewing with both eyes, images can be seen through two comfortable rubber eyepieces displayed on a large, 2.5", high-resolution TFT-LCD monitor and can be recorded using an on-unit RCA input to DVR. Convenient fingertip controls adjust contrast, brightness and sharpness and are viewed on the LCD monitor.

A cost-effective alternative to typical night vision cameras and devices, the Titan Series is offered in 8X magnification, 11X magnification and VARIO with variable magnification of 0.6X-8X models. Each comes in a hard carrying case.

OceanView's Titan Series Digital Low-Light Night-Vision Binocular is priced at $2,800.

Contact OceanView Technologies, 1181 South Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487. 954-727-5139; www.nightboating.com.