And the Overall Winner of the DAME Award 2010 is...

The Overall Winner of the DAME Award 2010 is the Seldén Reversible Winch of Seldén Mast AB. The Jury felt that this winch would have the largest impact on the leisure marine industry and would appear on many sailing boats in the future. By backing the line off the winch instead of easing it by hand, there is greater safety for the operator. The backwind is operated from a push button in the handle of the winch, making it far more intuitive than a more conventional style winch that may use a switch located in the bottom non-turning part of the drum. Being hand operated ensures that the winch does not need additional below deck space and makes a winch retrofit extremely easy. When using the winch in either direction the line is captured by self-tailing device which sheds line easily when the winch is in the backwind mode.

The judges selected six winners for eight categories and granted a certificate for ''Most ECO-Friendly Product'' and no less than two for ''Most Innovative Product''. These winners are:

Deck equipment, sails, and rigging:
Seldén Reversible Winch
by Seldén Mast AB

The deck equipment, sails, and rigging category is always one of the largest, and this year was no exception with 41 entries that ran the gamut from a superyacht door to a laminated wooden oar. The winner in this category was the Seldén Reversible Winch from Seldén Mast AB. This winch is reversed by pushing a button in the handle, which allows the winch to revolve backwards and pay out the line at a controlled speed. The Jury felt that this product represented the future of hand-operated winches and was easy and intuitive to operate. This product was also selected as Overall Winner.

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