Morris Yachts Receives Contract for Hull 6 of the United States Coast Guard Academy Training Vessel

Morris Yachts Receives Contract for Hull 6 of the United States Coast Guard Academy Training Vessel

Bass Harbor, Maine: When Bob Hallock, Procurement Chair of the United States Coast Guard Academy came to visit Morris Yachts to see the infusion of the centerline of hull 1 of the Leadership 44 he also brought with him the contract for hull 6 and the news that the final two contracts could be signed by the end of the year. All funds for the project are being raised privately in the first capital campaign involving all Academy stakeholders to meet one of the Academy Superintendent’s top priorities - eight new training vessels, one for each company.

The new 44-foot David Pedrick-designed vessels will replace the decades old Luders sailing craft. Morris was selected over Hinckley, Tartan, Goetz and Pearson to build the vessels.

“We look at the partnership of designer and builder for our Leadership 44 program as a huge win/win for everybody involved. We have in David Pedrick one of the most acclaimed yacht designers in the world and in our builder, Morris Yachts, we have arguably the finest builder in the country and a firm that will be our partner long after our last boat is launched," said Bob Hallock Leadership 44 Procurement Chair.

“This is a very prestigious and exciting contract for Morris Yachts,” said Cuyler Morris President of Morris Yachts, “It is an honor to be chosen by our country’s Coast Guard Academy to build these craft. These vessels are the foundation of leadership training at the Coast Guard Academy.”

The Academy is involved in a large capital campaign to fund the project. They believe firmly that putting Cadets under sail is the best way to teach future maritime officers the

ways of the sea, and acquire a love for its lore. Under sail, the future officer gains a greater appreciation and respect for the wind, waves, and tides.

The on-the-water program also provides Cadets a valuable leadership experience – often their first experience at command and control at sea. A ship under sail tests the true character and mettle of a young officer, and provides invaluable lessons on the importance of teamwork.

Other Key Aspects and Benefits of the Program:

• Designed to be a floating leadership platform, providing Cadets a maritime experience that is difficult to recreate with large cutters
• Primary platform for the 2/c Coastal Sail Training Program; considered by most Cadets to be their seminal leadership experience while at the Academy
• Provide all Cadets with small craft command and control, navigation, and seamanship experiences
• Will be used as an extension of the Cadet barracks, with each Cadet Company having access to, and responsibility for, its own boat
• Extends the waterfront season, providing Cadets more time underway and the standardization of the off-shore sailing program
• Showcases the Academy as one of the premier waterfront facilities in the country

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