In response to Flexiteeks press release of November 12:

What does the court's decision mean to PlasDECK? Nothing, it will business as usual. We will continue to manufacture, fabricate and distribute our quality products. It is true that we initiated a re-exam of the Whitaker patent and 3 examiners at the US Patent Office rejected the one and only claim of the patent. This rejection is being appealed, which can be a lengthy process lasting years. During this time additional claims can be added to the patent. Any additional claims can only narrow the patent, not make it stronger, other wise anyone with a patent would add claims instead of getting new patents.

Since the trial, PlasDECK had been awarded 2 US patents and 1 in South Africa. We specifically requested to be compared to the Whitaker patent to insure we were unique. Our patented formula is used with an embossed bottom and it is this formulation that makes us the next generation of synthetic decking. In real life, a patent does not insure quality, only that it cannot be copied. Quality comes from testing and improvement and a commitment to honest values.

The heart of our business is to listen to the concerns of boat builders and owners and to provide quality products that will meet their needs. We created a Peel and Stick product at the request of a boat builder. The grey color with black caulk lines was an answer to another builder. CoolTEAK, promised a year ago, was finally produced to answer the biggest consumer complaint of synthetic decking - “it gets too hot”. While working with chemists we also developed Azure – the decking with caulk lines that glow in the dark. At IBEX – The Boatbuilders Show – this product was given the Innovation Award For Safety.

What we will NEVER change is our promise to our customers to offer the best products, support, and service. Since 1995 we have been based in Ohio, in the heart of America, where winters are hard and products have to stand up to extremes. Again, we would like to thank our customers and installers for their continued support through this time. Your support has made PlasDECK the prefered decking for US production boats as well as do-it-yourself owners.

William Gribble
PlasDECK Inc.

For more info: 3489 Sawmill Rd, P O Box 4290
Copley, Ohio 44321 1-800-320-1841