Race Results

2006 Richardson Cup Match Racing

Richardson Cup Regatta held at Buffalo Yacht Club.

The 67th running of Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lake’s Richardson Cup Regatta was sailed on the waters of Lake Erie off Buffalo, New York, September 30 to October 1 in matched J-22s. The Richardson serves as the match racing championship for the Great Lakes. Eleven teams representing Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario and the Detroit River Yachting Association competed.
Saturday’s racing started in SW winds steadily building from 7-8 knots. Racing was abandoned after completion of three of the eight scheduled flights when wind gusts reached 30 knots, ushering in a storm cell. The round was completed Sunday morning, followed by semi-finals and finals. Sunday’s racing was sailed in West winds starting at 8 knots and building to 18, producing nice 3-6 foot Lake Erie rollers.

3-Time ICSA All American Adam Burns and his crew Mark Sertle and Will Harris of Youngstown Yacht Club, sailing for Lake Ontario combined good boat speed and sail handling with studious use of the racing rules to win the cup. At the awards ceremony they filled the Richardson Cup with Stingers for everyone and then took it home as the 2006 Richardson Cup Champions. Chris Van Tol’s team from Bayview Yacht Club, sailing for Lake Erie, was runner-up. Third was Lars Hansen of Wayzata Yacht Club, sailing for the Lake Superior Yachting Association. Placing 4th was Boris Gulari, sailing for the Detroit River Yachting Association. Umpires noted that competition was especially tight in the semi-finals and finals this year.

The organizing committee led by Buffalo Yacht Club’s Tim Hunt took on a challenge unprecedented in the history of Richardson competition, when the number of invited entrants from each member lake association was doubled as a means of promoting Great Lakes match racing. This instantly doubled the size, scope of effort and resources required for the event. The Buffalo Yacht Club event team did a great job.

The Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, sponsor of the Richardson Trophy championship, thanks Lake Erie’s Inter-Lake Yachting Association (I-LYA) for hosting the 2006 Richardson Trophy Regatta at the Buffalo Yacht Club.

J-22 North American Championship
Lake Minnetonka, MN

Overall Results

1) Margo, Terry Flynn, Shoreacres, TX; 2) Team VC Performance Rigging, David Van Cleef, Annapolis, MD; 3) Deadbeat Club, Chris Doyle, Kenmore, NY; 4) Dieselsnack, Rob Johnston, Heath, TX; 5) Martian Matrix, Lars Hansen, Golden Valley, MN; 6) Slo-Poke, Eric Faust, Austin, TX; 7) USA 1586, Greg Fisher, Arnold, MD; 8) en Fuego, Mike Miller, Wayzata, MN; 9) Let’s Boogie, Bill Allen, Shorewood, MN; 10) Cheap Trick, Dan Ramsay, Gautier, MS; 11) Who’s Driving, Mike Bowers, Bloomington, MN; 12) Sudden Death, Gary & Mark Christensen, Wayzata, MN; 13) Twins, Chris Carroll, Westlake, OH; 14) Hong Kong Phooey, Roger Carlson; 15) Speed Buggy, Terry Foster, Tonka Bay, MN; 16) USA 744, Fred Hunger, Rocky River, OH; 17) DnA “The Next Step”, Dave Hammett, Austin, TX; 18) Mo Money, Kevin Doyle, Niagrara Falls, NY; 19) Shredder, Keith Zars, San Antonio, TX; 20) Chilly Willy, Jonathan McDonagh, Minneapolis, MN; 21) Oranje, John Peterson, Plymouth, MN; 22) de Stijl, Kurt Holtze, St. Paul, MN; 23) Aquavit, George Hanson, Medina, MN; 24) RMM, Chris Wientjes, Metairie, LA; 25) Ahoy!, Elizabeth Barker, Lakewood, OH; 26) Running With Scissors, Mark Salih, Salinas, CA; 27) Anti-Swine, Chris Princing, Saginaw, MI; 28) E3, Scott Greenawalt, Edmond, OK; 29) Norwegian Woody Jan-Peter Lovald, Hopkins, MN; 30) Impetuous, Bill Mitchell, Austin, TX; 31) Joe Cool, Steve Cool, Wayzata, MN; 32) Cntrl Alt Del, Skeeter Chilton, Sand Springs, OK; 33) Double Secret Probation, Luc D’Aoust, Toronto, Ont, Canada; 34) Rocket Dog, Nicolie Hendrickson, Long Lake, MN; 35) College Fund, Ross Siemers, Maple Grove, MN; 36) Dirty White Boy, Justin Adams, Norman, OK; 37) Jazz, Tom Gibbs, Bay Village, OH; 38) Hurricane Bar & Grill, Rodney Johnstone, Newport, RI; 39) USA 1209, Brent Peterson, Minnetrista, MN; 40) Spongeworthy, Peter Hale, Toronto, ON, Canada; 41) Lulu, John Gjerde, Delavan, WI; 42) Shadowfax, Judy Woellner, Long Lake, MN; 43) DJ Marketing Services, Dallas Johnson, Waco, TX; 44) Wait For Me, Jon Morris, St. Paul, MN; 45) Flying J, Justin Howard, Edmond, OK; 46) Marles-Les Clipper, Mark Edelman, Plymouth, MN; 47) Pigs R Us “Team Tawas”, Matt Princing, Freeland, MI; 48) Irish Temper, Dan Towey, St. Paul, MN; 49) Ethunn, Ernest Brody, Minneapolis, MN; 50) Pegasus, Robert Slocum, Wayzata, MN; 51) London Fog, Rick Raymond, Newbury, OH; 52) Defiance, Stephen Paidosh, Orono, MN; 53) Dead Reckoning, Scott Brigham, Tonka Bay, MN; 54) Millenium Falcon, Christopher Nimmer, Golden Valley, MN; 55) She Might Not, MN Womens Sailing Team, Minneapolis, MN; 56) Manieres, Mark Christensen, Chanhassen, MN; 57) Bandit, Christine MacKenzie, Minneapolis, MN; 58) Hot Flash, Carol Pine, St. Paul, MN; 59) Anything Goes, Len Kremer, Bloomington, MN.

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