Lewmar Launches OneTouch Winch Handle in Annapolis

With its patented “one touch” lock-in mechanism, Lewmar’s new OneTouch winch handle aims to provide sailors with a stylish, powerful and easy-to-use handle that offers rapid and simple winch entry and exit.

Lewmar’s OneTouch handle uses a plunger pin and ball mechanism similar to that employed by the quick release steering wheels in racing cars. To insert, simply squeeze the handle and place it into the winch. To remove, squeeze and remove it all in one motion. Both operations can be performed one-handed.

The mechanism employs two pins that automatically retract into the bi-square when the handle arm is squeezed. These pins extend when the handle arm is released, and provide a secure lock preventing the handle from being inadvertently knocked out of the winch. Insertion or removal of the handle is now achieved in one quick and easy operation instead of fumbling with traditional bi-square locks.
The OneTouch is available in three versions: Single Grip, Power Grip and Double Grip. It is a great holiday gift idea. Lewmar OneTouch is available at Defender, and will be on sale this December for the Holiday season.

Visit www.defender.com or call 800-628-8225, or visit www.lewmarusa.com or call 203-458-6200 for more information.

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