Letter to the Editor

Dear Sirs,

As the winner of an eight-foot Walker Bay dinghy, which I received through your magazine, I would very much like to say how grateful I am.

Winner of the Walker Bay 8 RID 270, Stephen L. Liston and Thom Burns, Publisher. The Contest was announced in June 2004.

I sail a MacGregor 26 on Lake Pepin. When we have time, we tow the boat to the Canadian North Shore of Lake Superior. This dinghy will be just perfect as a tender in these vacations.

Also, it is going to be a wonderful boat to sail on the lakes around the Twin Cities.

I am really excited because I have previously never won anything in my life, so this is really a special event.

I think Northern Breezes is a wonderful magazine and you should just continue with the good work that you do.


Stephen L. Liston