Do you worry about your diesel engine quitting in the middle of a crossing, or while navigating through a crowded harbor? Most diesel engine shut downs are caused by fuel starvation, fuel filter blockage, or air in the fuel lines.

To address this problem, KTI Systems has designed the FilterBOSS. The FilterBOSS system allows for the installation of two filters; a filter condition gage with remote warning, and a built in fuel pump for bleeding and servicing the filters. This allows the crewmember to select either filter as the online filter, as well as service or change the off line filter, while the engine is in operation. The filter condition gage allows the crewmember to monitor the amount of filter blockage, and the remote warning panel will warn the crew to select the other filter. The built in fuel pump will make it a simple task to service a new filter; also the pump makes it easy to bleed the filter and engine. The pump can also supply emergency fuel pressure if your engine driven pump fails.
Not only does the FilterBOSS save you time and energy, but also increases your safety underway. The FilterBOSS is sold alone or premounted with a dual filter package and an easy installation guide.

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