July 25, 2010


Horizon’s Broom Dance

Kanoehe, Hawaii –  The postrace Awards Gala for the 2010 Pacific Cup was a cheerful and noisy affair.  Graced again by the lovely Miss Hawaii, Jalee Fuselier this year, the stage featured over the course of the evening representatives from virtually every boat, appearing to take a bow, or a trophy of one sort or another.

Pacific Cup.  Of course, Horizon collected the big prize: the heavy Pacific Cup trophy perpetual and the tall glass keeper that went with it.  His arms already overburdened with these trophies and the Division First, skipper Jack Taylor drew laugh and then catcalls when he handed the ceremonial broom, representing the clean sweep of first to finish, first in division, and first overall, to his wife.  He quickly regained the crowd’s favor by taking back the broom and handing her the cup, and announcing his intention to fill the large keeper cup with maitais – a practice emulated by several other recipients of the heavy crystal trophies awarded in some categories.

Later in the evening, Jack retook the stage with a popular air-guitar and dance routine involving the broom again.

Limit, one of two scratch boats in the fleet, collected collected the Fastest Passage Award, a large plaque with a carved glass sailing scene.  Skipper Alan Brierty in fashion and accent from down under, won great crowd approval with a speech thanking the race organizers and USA west coast racing in general for a great tour of racing venues and events.  Limit heads back to Australia shortly, the skipper announced.

Navigator Award.  The Navigator’s Award in the Pacific Cup was originally awarded for technical excellence in traditional navigation as evidenced by logbook entries containing celestial sightings and calculations.  Over the years, however, with the advent of GPS and other aids to navigation, such activities were less critical to, and possibly a distraction from, offshore performance.  For 2010, the committee announced a more general award focusing on contributions to the advancing science and technology of navigation, awarding a prize to Pegasus MotionX-50, which embodied cutting edge technology not only deployed but shared with viewers around the world through a high-bandwidth connection.

Volunteers Honored.  Finish line host Kaneohe Yacht Club obtained thunderous applause in thanks for all of their efforts, as did the clubs that hosted various pre-start activities: Berkeley, Richmond, Encinal, and Saint Francis.  Kim Ickler, who has contributed countless hours wearing Pacific Cup and Kaneohe hats received a standing ovation as she was awarded the Doug Vann Memorial prize for contributions to KYC by KYC Commodore Matt Darnell.  Sally and Kame Richards, who have given great amounts of time over the years, were honored with the George Barrett prize as Pacific Cup Yacht Club MVP.

Additional and New Prizes.  In addition to the perpetual Carl Schumacher Award, presented by Sutter Schumacher in honor of her father to Tule Fog, Sponsor Passage Yachts provided a trophy for the best performing Beneteau, going to Coyote.  In honor of J World’s participation, a prize for best performing J Boat went to Riva.  Riva also took the prize for best preparation by her owner.  Chief Inspector Skip Ely particularly cited the fact that Riva had been stolen shortly before the race and taken for a three-day joyride, leaving her severely damaged.  The SETI Institute sponsored, among other things, a prize for long-range communications.  SETI, of course is in the business of listening for communications from very far away, so this was a natural choice, and Mega Hurts was selected as the winner based on clarity and strength of her radio signal and her helping of other boats with trouble transmitting.

Performance Trophy, Team TrophySweet Okole came out of the calculator as having won the performance trophy sponsored by Latitude 38.  The trophy honors the boat which has the time the most standard deviations from its fleet, excluding the two bottom boats.  Sweet Okole also was on the winner of the team trophy, contributed by Encinal Yacht Club.  The handsome bronze sculpture of three dolphins went to Sweet Okole, Moonshine, and Summer Moon, representing Richmond Yacht Club.  This was one of five RYC teams entered, representing fifteen boats, the largest contingent from any club.

A full trophy list is below.

Best Prepared by Owner


Carl Schumacher Award, for best performance by a Schumacher-designed boat

Tule Fog

Doug Vann KYC Volunteer Award

Kim Icker

Fastest Family Afloat


Fastest Hawaiian Boat


Fastest Maiden Race


Fastest Passage


George Barrett Award for Contributions to PCYC

Sally and Kame Richards

J World Award for Best Performing J Boat


Latitude 38 Performance Award

Sweet Okole

Navigator's Award

Pegasus, for contributions to the advancement of the science of navigation

Passage Yachts Beneteau Award


SETI Long Distance Communications award for excellence in radio work

Mega Hurts

Team Trophy

Sweet Okole, Summer Moon, Moonshine

Pacific Cup