Last chance to seize Monsoon quarter final berth

Preparation, focus, skill and sheer determination to succeed will deliver the final five match racing teams into the Monsoon quarter-final group and onto the pathway to world championship success.

In the most extraordinary of situations, the three top match racing teams on the World Match Racing Tour are all log jammed at five wins each. Ian Williams (Bahrain Team Pindar), Sebastien Col (K-Challenge) and Mathieu Richard (French Spirit) have only one chance this morning to turn around their fortunes and secure a quarter final berth.

The other teams holding their quarter final breath are Ben Ainslie (Team Origin), Magnus Holmberg (Victory Challenge) and Peter Gilmour (Yanmar Racing).

Paolo Cian (Team Shosholoza), Torvar Mirsky (Mirsky Racing Team) and Adam Minoprio (Black Match Racing) are through to the quarter final.

The final matches of the round robin stage are Johnie Berntsson (Berntsson Sailing Team) against Williams, Mirsky against Col, Holmberg against Minoprio, and Ainslie against Richard. Gilmour will sit out this round as his team has completed all their matches.

Minoprio is the only skipper in today's matches who is not under pressure to win. However, this does not mean Minoprio will be giving his opponent Col any room to move. "We will be going flat out so he going to have to win the game."

One flight, four matches and then the top eight teams are into the quarter finals.

Mathieu Richard said his team will be looking for the same spirit that yesterday delivered them out of trouble and back into contention with four magnificent wins. After a good night's rest the team is focusing on their psychological preparation. "We will try to have the same spirit as we had today. We have to be very concentrated to win the match."

If there is a tie on the results at the end of the round robin stage, the race committee will review the previous results among the tied competitors to calculate the tie-breaker.

Ian Williams summarised his take on the potential of a tie at the end of the round robin series. "There are six of us tied on five. Gilmour doesn't have a race so he is stuck on five. The other five of us, if we win, we go through and if we lose we are in the mix and any of us can go out."

The forecast is currently for light north, north-east winds of six to nine knots. More monsoonal downpours over-night and the morning has increased the river outflow. The teams will be keeping a very close eye on the impact of this flow across the course area.

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