Powerful Electric Outboard is Perfect for Tenders

Powerful Electric Outboard

There are many drawbacks to powering a dinghy with a gas outboard. They can be big and heavy, and therefore difficult to load on and off the tender. Oil and gas leaks can stain and leave a foul odor in a boat or car. But the power and maneuverability of an internal combustion engine are still necessary. The award-winning Torqeedo Travel 801 electric outboard offers the lightweight, clean and powerful solution.

The Torqeedo Travel is the only electric outboard with an integrated, removable, lithium-manganese battery. It doesn’t require heavy batteries or cumbersome cable connections and is well-suited for use on tenders.

One of the key advantages of the Torqeedo Travel is it’s ultra-light. Even including the battery, it’s lighter than any gas outboard on the market. This is especially important if the motor needs to be transported a lot or if it’s handed from the boat into an unstable tender. The 27-40 lbs. of a small gas outboard may be quite a load, while the Torqeedo motor weighs only 17 lbs., and once mounted, the 8 lb. battery can be installed.

Easy to store in an out-of-the-way place on a boat or at home, the compact 12.2" x 12.6" x 17.7" Travel 801 is completely collapsible. It fits neatly into the included waterproof travel pack, then quickly re-assembles at the waterfront.

Though the Travel is lighter and smaller than a gas outboard, it does compare in performance. This remarkable motor produces the propulsive power of a 2 hp combustion outboard, with considerably higher thrust and low eddy, to push a small tender against wind and waves. The secret of the Travel 801’s power lies in its superior efficiency, which is about twice as high as conventional electric outboards and nine times as high as gas outboards of low power classes.

Torqeedo offers a height-adjustable short shaft model, ideal for tenders and dinghies. Suggested retail price of the Travel 801 from Torqeedo is $1,699. A back-up battery is available for $599.

Contact Torqeedo Inc., 847-726-0054. usa@torqeedo.com; www.torqeedo.com