New Serpentine Belt Reduces Gen-Set Noise

A powerful generator doesnít have to be noisy. With a new serpentine belt system, the ultra-compact, lightweight 5.5 kW diesel gen-set from Next Generation Power operates quietly and with minimal vibration. The stretchable serpentine belt needs no tensioning bracket and is easy to change.

Weighing 270 lbs, the 5.5 kW delivers 5,000 watts of continuous power, perfect for mid-size boats or back-up. Measuring 25.5"L x 20"W x 22"H with its fiberglass soundproof enclosure, the 5.5 kW provides an AC output of 60 Hz. Enough electricity to run appliances, electronic devices and two typical air conditioning units.

Next Generationís super-efficient Three Vortex Combustion System provides great power output, cleaner burning exhaust and saves on fuel consumption. Featuring an air cleaner and intake silencer, the high-quality 10 hp, 2-cylinder Kubota engine operates at a mid-speed 2,800 rpm for less noise, vibration, wear and a longer life.

The powerful 5.5 kW gen-set is simple to install and maintain. The front panel can be easily removed to get to the fuel pump, oil filter, belt drive, heat exchanger, zinc anode and other service points.

The Ultra Compact 5.5 kW Next Generation UCM 2-5.5 with enclosure retails for $6,900.
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