Fenders Keep Midsize Yachts Free From Damage

Owning a boat of any size is a significant investment in both time and money. Now protecting midsize yachts is easy with 18" x 29" Inflatable Fenders from AERÉ®.

One AERÉ customer has personally experienced AERÉ's reliability. "I am absolutely convinced that my 18" x 29" AERÉ fenders prevented me from having serious hull damage. An idiot threw us a 3-4 foot wake while we were tied to a concrete dock. The [vinyl] ball fenders I previously used would simply have flipped upward and left the entire starboard side vulnerable."

He has referred a number of boat owners to AERÉ. "One only need consider the value of what's being protected to understand the value of fenders entrusted with the job," he said.

AERÉ 18" x 29" fenders, made from heavy, high denier polyester fabric, protect boats from 40' to 45' long. They are easy to inflate and come in 9 colors. The durable fenders are able to withstand high compression loads capable of collapsing conventional vinyl fenders. Like all AERÉ fenders, when not in use, they fold away flat, saving valuable onboard space.

Retail prices for AERÉ Inflatable Fenders begin at $149. Contact AERÉ', 12207 NW 35th St., Coral Springs, FL 33605; 954-345-2373; Fax: 954-344-1414; info@praktek.com; www.praktek.com

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