With Marinco’s New Cable TV Inlets, It’s Easy To Stay “Plugged In” To Entertainment Aboard

Now Three Available Models to Meet the Needs of Boaters and Boatbuilders Marinco has announced a new-for-2007 line of Marinco Cable TV inlets that make it easy for boaters to stay “plugged in” to their favorite news, sports and entertainment shows while in port.

Each of these three new inlets is designed to provide easy, secure cable connections and years of reliable performance in the marine environment. Marinco’s Standard Cable TV Inlet features glass-filled polyester construction and a watertight cap with attractive stainless steel trim. Model’s Soft Touch cap design further enhances ease of use and trouble-free operation. The rugged and attractive Stainless Steel Cable TV Inlet is crafted from marine grade 316 stainless steel to complement any vessel and features a waterproof locking cap with Soft Touch cap design.

Marinco’s industry leading five-year limited warranty provides added confidence for boaters and boat builders alike.

Guest is a Marinco Electrical Group (MEG) brand. With the combined brand power of Marinco, Ancor, Guest, AFI, Nicro and BEP, the Actuant Electrical Group is the leading supplier of electrical products and accessories to the marine industry. Boat builders specify MEG brand products and MEG brand products are available at leading marine retailers and dealers worldwide.

For more information about these new cable TV inlets and other new products from the marine shorepower and electrical products leader, contact Marinco at (707) 226-9600 Or visit www.marinco.com.

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