When emergencies happen at sea, boaters need signal devices that are immediately at hand and very effective when used. That’s why Skyblazer offers its new, bulkhead-mountable XLT 3 signal kit.

Measuring 13" wide x 10¾" long x 4¼" high, the watertight plastic case can be located near the helm or in the cockpit area where everyone aboard can see it and reach it quickly. The case is mounted with screws and a backing plate.

The XLT 3 kit includes Skyblazer’s XLT aerial flares, KoolHandle hand-held flares, 10-mile signal mirror with lanyard, emergency whistle with lanyard, and an international distress flag with grommets and ties. The XLT flares achieve an average launch altitude of 425' and burn for over 8 seconds. The KoolHandle hand-held flares burn for 2 minutes at 690 candela, and stay cool when lit. 

Skyblazer also offers powerful 12-gauge Illuminator flares that reach twice the altitude and burn 33% longer than most competitors, as well as wilderness and kayaking kits, smoke signals and scuba flares.
Suggested retail price of the XLT 3 signal kit is $58.71. Contact Skyblazer at 4275 N. Palm St., Fullerton, CA 92835-1045. Phone: 714-447-5409, Website: