Kiteboarding proves to be ready for Rio 2016

The International Sailing Federation today published the report from the ISAF kiteboarding format trials held last month in Santander.

Please find attached the Executive Summary to be considered by the ISAF events Committee and ISAF council.

The report proves that Kiteboarding is ready to be included in any major ISAF event. This might be the ISAF Sailing World Cup, the Sailing World Championships, and the Olympic Games.

 World Champion John Heineken (USA) explaining equipment and tactics to ISAF president Goran Petersson and VP Teresa Lara

Kiteboards going head to head with multi-million-dollar Americas Cup Catamarans

The full report can be found here:

We hope that ISAF is taking a wise decision either during the midyear meeting in Strese beginning of May, or during the annual conference in November. A decision, that is for the benefit of Sailing as an Olympic Sport and especially in the interest of the many emerging nations that kiteboarding can bring into the Olympic Games.

Help us to achieve this goal: VOTE KITEBOARDING FOR 2016 !

The International Kiteboarding Association is an international class of the International Sailing Federation.