Innovative yaxa® zero in a dry bag – as easy as 1+1

Innovative yaxa® zero in a dry bag – as easy as 1+1

YAXA ZERO IN A DRY BAG, the novel combination of YAXA® ZERO mosquito net and a dry bag, is designed to protect travelers against mosquitoes and their belongings against water, dust and dirt.

Bangkok, April 20, 2012 – There is no objection among travelers that traveling light is one of their significant concerns. Tana Netting Co., Ltd. has provided an innovative solution by recently launching YAXA® ZERO IN A DRY BAG to efficiently serve 2 functionalities in one easy to carry package. A YAXA® ZERO mosquito net is well packed in a blue waterproof dry bag. By taking their YAXA® ZERO IN A DRY BAG to a holiday destination, travelers will not get annoyed by mosquitoes or insects during their sleep at night and once the mosquito net is removed from the bag, the empty dry bag is large enough to hold various personal belongings such as sunglasses, wallet, mobile phone, passport and camera. In such a way the DRY BAG can be taken to the beach or on a boat without worries that its contents will get wet, sandy or dirty.

The volume of the dry bag is just 2 liters which makes it the only dry bag of its kind in the market. It’s made of nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin and floats safely if dropped in water. The size of the bag is just perfect for small items and not as bulky as the 5Lor 10L dry bags.

The YAXA® ZERO mosquito net that is provided in the dry bag is the world’s first mosquito net made with a minimum of 30% REPREVE® recycled fiber. The net is not impregnated with insecticide and it comes in five different sizes: single & double rectangular, single & double conical and single pyramid. YAXA® ZERO IN A DRY BAG is now available at and with selected retailers.

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