ORROA Announces 2012 Great Lakes Championship Series

ORROA Announces 2012 Great Lakes Championship Series

The Offshore Racing Rule Owners Association is excited to announce the 2012 calendar for the Great Lakes Championship Series. The third season starts in June with the Queen's Cup Race presented by the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee, WI and concludes September 15 with the Bayview Long Distance Race in Detroit, MI. A total of 6 Great Lakes races will be a part of this year's Championship Series.

The races that are part of the 2012 Series include:

  • Queen's Cup Race - June 29
  • Bayview Mackinac Race - July 14
  • Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac - July 21
  • Little Traverse Yacht Club Annual Regatta - July 27-29
  • Verve Cup Regatta - August 10-12
  • Bayview Long Distance Race - September 15

By using the ORR rule - a more scientific and fair way of calculating competition - the Great Lakes Championship Series is some of the most exciting and challenging racing in the region. ORROA Board spokesman, Frank Kern, states, "As organizers of the ORROA race series, we want to help educate other races on the benefits of using the ORR rule. Sailors benefit as the ORR rule has been continually improved through tank and wind tunnel testing to reach a fairer rating. Many competitors in the Great Lakes region already hold an ORR certificate and the Championship Series gives them an opportunity to compare their results against other sailors - regardless of boat design."

The series is open to yachts holding a valid 2012 ORR certificate that register and compete in a minimum of 2 of the 6 races - one of which must be a Mackinac Race. By using the ORR rule, competing boats race on level playing field - large and small boats have equal footing. Sport boats are able to compete.

To register for the Great Lakes Championship Series, please visit www.orroa.org.


About ORROA:
The Offshore Racing Rule Owners Association (ORROA) was created to promote and encourage offshore racing under the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) by providing a more scientific, research-based handicapping system. By providing a fair and accurate handicapping system, the organization encourages participation from a broad group of boat owners, inviting them to become active participants in this new association and championship racing series.