ColorWheelz HiTech Wheel Coating

Dave Nickelson had an idea while sailing his boat in Minnesota. Most sailors we know like to invent new and innovative ways to improve the workings of their boats. Dave is no exception. He owned a plastics company at the time and was always inventing new things for his customers. "Why not a coating for a sailboat wheel," he thought? He did some tinkering and came up with a method to apply the coating, and at the end of the season, Dave went back to other pressing needs with the company. He still thought it was a good idea, and as the next season neared, he set out to select the right product for the job. He needed a polymer of industrial quality that could also withstand constant exposure to sunlight, rain, and ice; the full gamut of what nature could and would throw at his wheel.
The Racing Finish A Racing finish is very smooth while providing the same kind of grip and insulating properties.

After some experimenting, he developed several prototype finishes and applied them to the wheels of several sailboats in his marina. It didn't take long for others to want to be included in this experiment. Lake Superior can be cold, and the thought of an attractive, insulated wheel was something delightfully new! After several years of age testing, he decided to go for it. ColorWheelz was born in the summer of 2006 with the first product offered to the public after Thanksgiving.

What makes a ColorWheelz wheel unique is the coating. It is an all weather vinyl product that has been tested in tough exterior use over the past 30 years. In fact, it is so tough, they have a 10 year guarantee on it.

Ship your wheel to them, prepaid round-trip, and usually within a week of receiving it, they send it back with a spectacular new finish! Their store page on the web site has packaging and shipping suggestions for you. If for some reason you wish you would have ordered a different color or change the color schemes on your canvas, whatever the reason, you can return your wheel to be re-coated at only half of the original price. Anytime!
The Elite Finish The Elite finish is for cruising and general use.

ColorWheelz is available in thirteen colors and two finishes. The colors were selected to match popular Sunbrella fabrics.

Racing Finishes
Black, Red & Gold Gloss
Cruising Colors
Purple, Teak, Teal & White
Traditional Series
Sand, Marine Blue, Navy Blue, Forest Green & Gray

Visit ColorWheelz at, email: or phone 651-308-7654.

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