Award Winning School’s Youth Sailing Camp At French Park

Northern Breezes, named “School of the Year” by the American Sailing Association, has started a youth sailing camp in cooperation with Three Rivers Park District at French Park on Medicine Lake. “Our focus is on introducing youth ages 8-16 to the lifelong sport of sailing. We concentrate on a fun, safe learning experience which treats racing as an intramural activity rather than the main event,” noted Captain Thom Burns, owner of the school.

“All of our boats are new, the location is ideal and our staff is excited,” added Burns. There are three opportunities for instruction in a day camp environment. Our focus at each level is acquiring lifelong sailing skills, having fun while learning and empowerment of students with confidence and self-esteem through the safe operation of sailboats. The 8-12 year olds start with Walker Bay 8 Dinghies, they can then move to Walker Bay 10 Dinghies. Selected 10 to 12 year olds can move to WindRider 17 Trimarans. The 13-16 year olds start with Walker Bay 8 solos, and then move quickly to Walker Bay 10 Dinghies and on to WindRider 17 Trimarans. All levels of recreational sailing are taught. American Sailing Association Basic Small Boat certification is available for dedicated campers who can pass a written exam.

We are always happy to work with parents or older siblings in a volunteer capacity. Feel free to call regarding the best choices for your children: 763-542-9707.