Holy Cow Cleaning Products
Reviewed by Alan Kretzschmar

When I first saw Holy Cow Cleaning Products, I knew that they were going to be different. After trying them, I know this is true. The logo on the bottles shows a cartoon walking cow on a bright-colored psychedelic striped background. This really makes the Holy Cow cleaners stand out from other products. What really is great about them is how they clean without the problems associated with other products: they don't use strong chemicals and they have a pleasant smell.

A quote from the Holy Cow Products web site states: "These amazing cleaners contain NO solvents, NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NO toxins, NO alcohol, NO ammonia, NO harmful oxygen-based bleach cleaners, and NO citrus-based products which may dissolve rubber or plastics." The wording on the bottle claims to be the "World's Safest" cleaner. I can't test that, but I do know that I am satisfied with the way these products clean. The highlight is that they have a pleasant scent and are great to use in confined areas of your boat where there is little circulation.

Holy Cow All-Purpose Cleaner comes in the pink bottle and is great to clean dusty countertops. It works well in the office and at home. It comes in a concentrate in the green bottle for tough jobs.

The Holy Cow Glass Cleaner comes in the blue bottle. I had no streaking when cleaning mirrors or eyeglasses. It worked fine on acrylic plastic. It even got through the grease residue on my microwave oven door.

I recommend the Holy Cow Cleaning Products because they clean as described without the smell I associate with other products. At the suggested retail price of $2.99 to $3.99 for a 32 oz. bottle, they'll sell a lot.

For more information on how to get Holy Cow Cleaning Products, go to their web site:  www.holycowproducts.com or call: 1-877-9HOLYCOW (1-877-946-5926)